Remember To Live

As are all posts like this one, they are written at 2.45am when you are up at 7am for work the next morning.

The closest person to me (my other half, not some random person sitting next to me) keeps saying on a daily basis: “Something everybody has in common is you live and then you die”. I’ve been hearing that line for some weeks now and I think it has finally sunk in, at 2:45am on a random Wednesday in a random hotel room. The point she is trying to make (I think…) is it doesn’t matter if you’re born in a mud hut in Africa, if you’re Elon Musk changing the world or just average Joe trying to make ends meet, these three people living 3 very different lives were born and no matter what they do in the middle (life), their story all ends the same way, they die. So does it really matter what path you take in the middle as long as you enjoy it? You don’t take the middle bit between being born and dying with you once you’re gone.

You may wonder why I am up writing this at 2.45 when I need to be up at 7, it is because I am average Joe trying to figure out how to be Elon Musk. When average Joe can’t sleep at night, it is because he’s imagining what Elon Musk is doing, how he managed to get to a point in life where he’s making and selling flamethrowers and sending rockets to mars and changing the automobile industry… average Joe isn’t living life. Happiness comes in many forms but is also lost in many forms. In most cases, it is lost in the form of living a life doing a job you don’t want to do, which takes what your childhood imagination of what your life is going to be like away. Growing up I told myself “I’m not ever going to be a salesman, I’m never going to put on weight or stop exercising and I’m never going to take anything too seriously because where’s the fun in that?” Fast forward 20 years and I’ve become everything I promised myself I wouldn’t.

So dear everyone “You’re born…and then you die” the bit in the middle is meant to be the fun bit and don’t wish away the work week to the weekend, don’t keep doing what you don’t want to do, don’t be afraid to do the things you always wanted to do and feel every moment because it doesn’t matter how much you achieve or don’t achieve during life, its how you look back on it before you close your eyes for the last time and then it doesn’t matter. Be it Mud Hut Man, Elon Musk or Average Joe…you all become equal again.

Remember To Live.

(I have to credit all this (and most of my posts if I’m honest) to my better half because her brain works in weirder, healthier and better ways than mine. I’m chasing weird and chasing health…I think she’s already found them)

(Credit: Tree of Life Image from

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