Original Thoughts

Have you ever had an original thought? Can you have an original thought? Is every thought you’ve ever had been directed and dictated by something you’ve seen or heard, or led by a social construct?

We have so much access to information and ideas these days that I wouldn’t be surprised that every thought you have had today has been drip fed to you by a subconscious event or some kind of sneaky subliminal messaging.

Think about the number of times you and a friend have said the line “Great minds think alike”. That’s not true, you both have just picked up on the same subconscious queues. A song, an idea, a general thought, it was all created by an event you saw but did not see, you heard but didn’t hear, you felt but did not feel.

No wonder there are full marketing departments dedicated to subliminal messaging. If I can make you think about something without you knowing it was me, think of the power I would have over you. The subconscious which was originally developed to listen and look for dangers to our lives when we were engaged mentally elsewhere is now being exploited by corporate.

So have you ever had an original thought? If you think you have, google it like I did in the Google Paradox, I bet someone has not only thought about it but they’ve posted about it too…

It’s kind of weird…

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