A Hamster In Two Cages

This may not be our aim when we buy our first pet, however in essence, they become our prisoners. We let them do what they want…unless it breaks our rules. They can go where they want, as long as they don’t leave the house. They can leave the house, as long as they’re attached to a leash or don’t go out of sight. If they manage to escape? We impound them until they are either taken back to their first imprisoner or passed on to another.


I feel they have the worst gig and here’s why:

When you buy a Hamster, you also buy its cage (sorry, I mean house). Your little Hamster runs around its little cage, little running wheel, drinks and eats its food you give to it, if you remember. Lets become a Hamster for a minute. I’m in my little world and I can see another world going on around me through some bars. Sometimes I get let out of my little world, into the bigger world. There’s so much more room in the big world, so many more things to see, so many more smells and sounds. I want a piece of that bigger world. Next time I get let out, I’m going to break free into this new world and start a new life.

Now lets jump back to being us. I’ve lost my Hamster in my house somewhere and then found it again in a few days, I bet you have too. We all have. That being said, I’m sure there are the few of you who have lost their Hamster, never to see them return and you sit and wonder what kind of life it made for itself. How long do you think it takes a Hamster to cover all rooms of a house? Explore, settle, decide to move on, explore, settle, decide to move on? The average life expectancy of an average Hamster is 2 years. You may be wondering where I am going with this so I’ll let you know. It may not occur to a Hamster even if it escapes that is actually in two cages. The cage you put it in and your home. So when it escapes into the big, bad world, it’s the big, bad world of your home. A second cage. What other pet (apart from you weirdo’s with Snakes and other strange pets) lives life under this illusion. A hamsters dying thoughts after its year on the run, feeling finally liberated from its cage may well be “Wait, I’ve been here before and over there too. And over there and there…I’m in another cage.” and then dies finally after finding out its destiny. It’s spent its whole life thinking it was free when it wasn’t, still encased in brick and mortar. Never to feel dirt or grass for real, its natural habitat.

Perception is a horribly weird feeling like a Monday morning. Maybe we think we are free but are actually in a snow globe. We think if we leave earth and go into space, that we are escaping the cage of our world into a new world…but are we? Could we also be in two cages?

It’s kind of weird…

But not as weird as cats. They have us figured out. Seems like they are the only animals in this world which are truly free to do what they want.


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