Having to work

This may be a duuuhhh moment to you. Of course you need to work, how else would you get money to pay your mortgage, pay for food, pay to go on holiday?

The weird part? We have no other option. Without working for money, we can’t survive. In many aspects of life you have a choice. You can command your destiny. When it comes to being born, your destiny is always headed towards work. There is literally no other viable option to survive.

Even if you wanted to live off the land and hunt your own food, set up your own camp and live free of working as a company person… You can’t! If you attempted to live that life, you would instantly be picked up by the police and arrested or sectioned as crazy. All paths lead to working for a company in some shape or size.

Not only that, you abide by the rules of people who you don’t even know. If your boss tells you to do something, then you do it in fear of losing your job. Imagine that same person told you to do something but you had never met them before? But because they are somehow more appreciated as a person by someone even “higher” in command than them and you, they can dictate how you live your life from 9am-5pm.

Imagine a world where there was another option to live which didn’t involve spending 3/4 of your time throughout life doing something you don’t want to do. Something which is essentially pointless in the end anyway, I’m sure you’d spend it completely differently.

It’s weird that we have built a world where we try really hard to become the best at a job which we don’t even like, to get money which we need to pay for things we need to survive and there is no other option.

It’s kinda weird…

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