Imagine an alien seeing humans sit still for hours watching the tv

How often do you watch TV? An average movie today is ~2 hours long which means an average person sits still staring at a TV for 2 hours at a minimum.

Now this takes a bit of imagination but once you think about it, it’s kind of weird. Imagine an alien flew from outer space and hovered outside many peoples windows and looked in. Without understanding the concept of what a TV is, they would see millions of people all over the world stuck in a trance essentially staring at the same spot for hours. They would have no idea of what we were doing. They would see us all of a sudden burst out laughing, crying, gasping with fear and then eventually after a few hours, they’d see us get out of our seat or bed and go about our day as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Now imagine you got a chance to explain to the alien what you were doing. What would you say?

Even if you think a little deeper, from our perspective. We sit and watch TV for enjoyment. The weird thing is, the things we watch are imitations of real life. We could literally go outside and experience what we watch on TV in reality (to a certain extent). When did we get so caught up on watching life unfold from the afar rather than going out into the world and living it for real? We use technology to communicate with each other which is far harder to convey your point instead of speaking in person which gives aid of body language and expression.

It would not be a surprise if aliens came down from space, seen us all sitting staring essentially at the same spot on a wall with flashes of light coming from it, and decided to leave because we are doing some very abnormal things.

That’s kind of weird…

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